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As a leading software testing company, we provide QA and software testing services to make sure that your software is secure, and reliable.

You may have the best software development team and the most promising plans, but the slightest mistake can cost you the entire project. Software quality assurance is a tried and trusted security barrier that protects your software development plans from such unpleasant surprises. Our QA testers employ the most advanced practices to ensure top-notch quality and stability of your applications.

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Our ISTQB-certified QA testing experts have worked on a broad range of projects connected to various domains. We have rich experience in providing top-notch mobile testing services, QA website testing, desktop application testing, and QA as a service applied to any other software types. A proven record of successful cases, our client-centric approach, and the exceptional competency of our quality testers make us a dependable partner in the market of software quality control.

Quality control and quality assurance management

Our  IT quality assurance specialists have solid experience in both manual and automated types of QA testing

Manual Testing

This approach to quality control and quality assurance is based on running your software on various devices. Our specialists also pay much attention to the convenience and usability of the provided product. The main benefits of manual testing:

  •  A manual quality assurance tester can detect some issues that cannot be identified during automated software assessment.
  •  This approach provides a better understanding of a product’s vulnerabilities and issues, which may set a clearer direction for its optimization.
  •  A manual quality assurance tester provides relevant feedback about the usability of a newly developed product and this software’s user experience.

Automated Testing

Such an approach allows reducing the human impact on the product. Automated software testing and quality assurance is more objective and attentive to details since it covers all possible issues that may disrupt software functionality. It also expands functionalities of manual testing, which sets both types of product quality assurance as a proper combination. The main benefits of automation quality assurance are the following:

  •  Automated quality assurance in software development life cycle allows saving time required for the completion of repetitive tasks.
  •  Such quality assurance services are more objective, which eliminates human error.
  •  The basic functionalities of automated testing services are adapted to align with manual testing processes.

Quality assurance solutions

Universality is one of the most valuable features of a company that provides QA testing services. Our professionals will review your web, mobile, or desktop application to make sure that it meets your business goals and provides end-users with a flawless experience.


Our quality assurance team has solid experience in working with diverse types of desktop software. We employ a customer-centric approach to desktop application testing to ensure that the product meets all your requirements and can smoothly run on diverse types of hardware.

We review the following aspects of your desktop software:

  • functionality;
  • backend;
  • security;
  • compatibility;
  • GUI feature.


Golden IT Services  considers work on cloud-based solutions to be one of its primary areas of expertise. We clearly understand the functionality and security challenges that are often encountered by providers of web software. Our quality assurance team will conduct multiple reviews to make sure that you launch a secure, high-performance, and feature-packed product.

While providing QA website testing services, we focus on:

  • functionality;
  • user experience;
  • security;
  • compatibility;
  • performance.


For lots of software providers, developing a dynamic mobile application that will run on diverse platforms powered by different operating systems is a rather challenging task. Our QA mobile testing professionals will employ the most recent technologies to efficiently cope with all the issues and deliver a product that meets all your business goals.

While providing mobile testing services, we focus on your product’s:

  • functionality;
  • user experience;
  • security;
  • compatibility;
  • performance;
  • installation;
  • localization.