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Cloud-Based Solutions

Golden IT Services offers cloud computing services to all businesses that require optimization or taking the advantage of cloud technology where Cloud -based solutions are trending among various businesses and many companies are going towards SaaS, PaaS and IaaS to make business more dynamic and modern.

Reasons to use cloud computing

What makes cloud-based solutions for business so attractive? Such technologies bring numerous evident benefits. The most significant pros of this technology are the following:
  • Lower costs
  • Increased security
  • Improved insight in terms of data analysis
  • Data loss prevention
  • Improved flexibility
  • Enhanced scalability options
  • Increased mobility
  • Automatic software updates

Cloud services

Cloud Consulting

Our consultants will provide relevant ideas that will improve your project and facilitate you in its implementation. We can also provide an objective and comprehensive evaluation of existing cloud systems. We provide:

  • Cloud strategy development;
  • Cloud readiness assessment;
  • Cloud migration assessment;
  • Implementation assessment.

Cloud Integration

We provide a dedicated team to integrate cloud technologies into your processes. We eliminate any errors and ensure your system’s connectivity. We also adopt the technology to your business model to ensure the highest efficiency. We have expertise in:

  • Cloud service integration;
  • Data integration;
  • Process integration;
  • Application integration.

Application Re-architecting

Golden IT Service has a rich experience in re-architecting the existing applications. Our software engineers can optimize your application by adapting it to the requirements and scalability of cloud technologies. Services provided by Golden IT Services include:

  • Re-engineering of microservices architecture;
  • Re-building your application in a more flexible service-oriented design;
  • Infrastructure transfer to the cloud;
  • Application transfer to the cloud.

Cloud Architecture Setup

Our company facilitates in setting up cloud architecture that will enhance the power of resources serving your business purposes. At Golden IT Services , we focus on cost-effectiveness and security of your cloud solutions. We offer:

  • Architecture scaling;
  • Full configuration of your architecture;
  • Implementation of hybrid-cloud solutions.

Cloud Migration

Service providers from Golden IT Services will securely transfer your infrastructure to the cloud. We also ensure your application’s cloud migration arranged according to top-notch security standards. Our services include:

  • Infrastructure transfer to the cloud;
  • Application transfer to the cloud.

Cloud Application and Engineering

We use top-notch technologies to engineer cloud applications for different purposes. Whether you require a hybrid app, a SaaS, or a public app, our development team will assist you. We facilitate in:

  • Application design and development;
  • SaaS and hybrid app development;
  • Public cloud app development.

Experience is what really matters

Diverse businesses, ranging from focused on serverless technology independent software vendors to the most influential multinational corporations, refer to cloud service development. However, adequate implementation of cloud solutions may require professional assistance from experienced software development companies

As a credible cloud service provider, We are ready to develop and maintain all your projects in this sphere. We have solid experience in cloud IT solutions and will facilitate you throughout various stages of the cloud development lifecycle. Significant experience of successful cooperation with companies from diverse industries ensures our expertise.