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Cyber security services

Uncover risks and reduce losses with our security services

We Will Help You

Reduce compliance burden

Get an unbiased expert evaluation of your business processes, products and systems – according to industry security standards and regulations. We’ll help you define strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement, then implement security controls to ensure business resilience in the face of risk.

Increase attack survivability

We’ll help you uncover and fix security issues before product launch. By implementing security controls early in the A-S-SDLC, you’ll ensure security by design and by default. Your products will be quality and security optimized, helping you avoid penalties and potential risks of brand damage.

Ensure the effectiveness of security controls

Our security services help you verify the effectiveness of your security controls, so you can maintain operations and deliver your core business vision. We’ll assess control success in complex environments, sophisticated IT infrastructures and high-visibility, mission-critical applications.

Improve corporate security posture

We’ll guide you through a structured process to evaluate the risks associated with your operation. We identify uses of informational assets, assess the associated risks and take essential steps to reduce them.

Develop a robust security strategy

Most importantly, our security team will help you identify the root of your risks, developing robust remediation plans to enable long-term strategic improvements – over short-term tactical fixes.

What We Do ?

We take your requirements, plus industry compliance standards, practices and regulations, to report on your current security gaps. Then we make recommendations which we can help you build, test and implement. We’ve used our expertise to help clients in Fintech, healthcare, retail and other industries guarantee the security of their solutions.

Discovery: to maximize project efficiency

During ‘discovery’, an initial evaluation and data-flow of the process, product or system in scope will help us gain a common understanding of your project. We’ll then be able to accurately assess resource requirements.

Assessment & Testing: to spot and close gaps and non-conformities

During the assessment, we’ll fully evaluate the process, product or system in scope – to assess processing activities, readiness and potential gaps.

Analysis: to define the gaps and right solutions

Our experts conduct an in-depth analysis to clarify your problems and needs, determine the potential threats and uncover additional business opportunities. Analysis allows us to find unique technology solutions that help you take advantage of innovative trends in the security field.

Reporting: reveal gaps and make strategic recommendations

Golden IT Service security team will fully evaluate your ‘analysis’ data. We then tailor a technological solution to meet your specific requirements, defining the set of services that will address weak spots and provide enhancements. We’ll justify the solution’s cost-effectiveness, determine resources required and create a comprehensive action plan.

Implementation: working with you to implement solutions

Our security experts will work side by side with you, to implement new solutions, services and recommendations. We’ll help you ensure smooth adoption of new security systems, processes and policies – to stay on top of threats and improve your organization’s efficiency.

Managed services: getting the most from your solution

We’ll make sure your implemented solution is delivering what you need. We can help you adapt to changing business scenarios by making relevant security adjustments and providing ongoing performance reporting and recommendations, via a dedicated security service manager.

Security Services

Security testing Services and Security compliance Services

Golden IT Services can help you discover and prevent internal breaches, with a comprehensive range of security testing services. We give you visibility into cumulative misconfigurations and vulnerabilities that could lead to an attack and seriously harm your business. Our certified experts have the hands-on experience to help you spot and address weak spots, providing a service that encompasses;

  1. Mobile, web and desktop penetration testing
  2. Infrastructure, system and application level penetration testing
  3. Static and dynamic security testing
  4. Adherence to recognized standards
  5. Vulnerability assessment
  6. Threat hunting